Knight Times, Volume 2023, Issue 6:  October 3, 2023

Oct 5, 2023

KNIGHT TIMES, Volume 2023, Issue 6: October 3, 2023

Knight Times, Volume 2023, Issue 6:  October 3, 2023

The purpose of this communication is to provide general information about upcoming events, successes of our student body, and other information for families, guardians and students.

*Credit for the naming of Knight Times goes to Mr. Reidel.*


Thank you for working to have the students in class every day!


Missing a day of school here and there may not seem like much, but absences add up!





They will miss
20 DAYS a year.

They will miss
40 DAYS a year.

They will miss
30 HOURS of math over the school year.

They will miss
60 HOURS of math over the school year.

They will miss
60 HOURS of
reading & writing over the school year.

They will miss
120 HOURS of
reading & writing over the school year.

They will miss over
1 YEAR of school by graduation

They will miss over
2 YEARS of school by graduation.

JKMS will begin to schedule individual meetings with families if it appears attendance at school is becoming an issue.

Every minute matters!

Parent Teacher Organization
Thank you to the parents and staff that attended the first PTO meeting last week.  The PTO is looking forward to the year and assisting JKMS meet the needs of all students.  PTO does have some immediate needs – help with staffing the door at athletic events and staffing the snack bar.  If you can help, please contact them at and .
English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

We are so grateful for the participation at last week’s ELAC meeting. We hope to see more parents participate on this and other committees.


Volleyball Games are Home this week, Games start at 4:00.

Tuesday, 3rd vs Harper

Thursday, 5th vs Douglass

Cross Country Meets:

Wednesday, September 27th. Meet is at Community Park and starts at 4:00.

6th Grade Cross Country, Friday at Northwest Park in Dixon.

All Student Athletes thinking of participating in Winter Athletics (Girls and Boys Basketball, Wrestling) need to be cleared in Athletic Clearance.

Winter Sports includes 7th and 8th Grade. We will have Girls/Boys Basketball and Wrestling.

Tryouts for 7th Grade Basketball (girls & boys) begins October 11th.

Tryouts for 8th Grade Basketball (girls & boys) begins in early November.

Wrestling Practice begins October 15th for all student athletes.


Wednesday is College Wear Wednesday (Wear College, Trade School, Military and Local Business Attire). Make sure you are wearing your spirit gear on spirit days to earn points for your grade. The grade wide spirit day points competition winning prize will be announced in the next few weeks.

Leadership students come around and count you when you dress up for spirit days. Currently, 6th grade is in the lead with 295 points, 8th grade is in 2nd place with 266 points and 7th grade is in 3rd place with 242 points.

JKMS’s Lunchtime IM Dodgeball has begun and the games have taken on high interest with those students participating.  Students are notified and provided call slips if their teams are playing at lunch that day.

Students interested in being in CHESS CLUB at lunch, please see Ms. Herd in A114 to sign up. We’ll be getting underway soon!

 “Seek first to understand, then be understood.”

Bob Bugalski