Aug 15, 2023

Hello everybody!  
Our start of school this year is one of the best I have experienced in over 30 years.  Your students are relaxed, friendly, willing to learn, and just nice to be around.  Thank you!  Now that the kids are settled in classes and engaged, I want to take time to remind families of opportunities for engagement.
Please Join the Dixon High School PTO
Our PTO is our primary organization for school, staff, and student activities.  Join us this evening in the theater for our first meeting of the year.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved, learn how our school works, network with other parents, and support our students and staff.
Back to School Night
Even though your kids are “big kids,” they still need all of us to work together in support.   Please plan on attending Back to School Night this Wednesday.  2023 BTSNFlyer.docx
Helpful Hint: Take a picture of the school map and your student’s schedule before you arrive. The Map is linked below under the Resources section and student schedules may be found on the Aeries Parent Portal or written in your student’s planner.
Grad Night
Prior to 2020, Dixon High School seniors had the opportunity to enjoy Sober Grad Night – an event organized and supervised by the Dixon Community.  We REALLY want to bring this back for our students but we need to rebuild a Grad Night Community Group to start planning now as all of the previous community members have moved on.  Please complete this survey if you are interested in supporting a 2024 Grad Night for our graduates.   2024 Grad Night Survey  
I am committed to open, frequent communication with students and families, and I need you to do the same.  High School life goes very, very fast, and our kids need all of us supporting them and cheering them on.  With this in mind, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Students’ lives are really complicated, especially our seniors.  There will be student information in every RAMpage but it won’t include everything for the entire year.  Rather, it will include what they need to know and or do most immediately.  You can imagine that trying to deal with senior year, college applications, career decisions, FAFSA, saying goodbye, playing your last high school athletic season, preparing to live away from home, etc can be overwhelming.  Please work with me in helping our students be present in the moment.  
  2. If you have a questions and aren’t sure who to contact, take a look at this Who’s Who 2023-2024
  3. In addition to messaging, we use Facebook to communicate through three approved pages:  the page titled “Dixon High School,”the page titled “Dixon High School PTO,” and a page titled “Dixon High School Athletics.”  
  4. We always, always, welcome your questions!  Please call or email any time so we can answer your questions or help, especially if you are new to our school.   I am available via email at or by phone 707-693-6330, ext 7113, and I am happy to help or get you to the right person to help you. 

Attendance in high school is critical to student success.  When students miss class, it not only affects their academic progress but it also affects students’ socio-emotional and mental health.  High school moves fast and it is really hard for students when they miss class.  Please make sure your student attends every class, every day, on time and when your student has to miss class, please communicate with our Attendance Office.  Please remember that you have 3 days to clear an absence before that absence becomes a truancy.  Jennifer Parks is our Attendance Secretary and she welcomes emails or phone calls at or 707-693-6330, ext 7102.
Please keep an eye on your students’ academic progress in Homelink.  Remember, grades in Google Classroom are not always accurate so we discourage grade checks there.  Additionally, your student now has a planner and binder.  These are great organizational tools and you can check these daily.  
Senior Update
It is such an exciting and bittersweet year for our senior parents!  We are here to help you keep pace and make sure you are supported in honoring and monitoring your senior as we approach graduation and your student’s future plans.  
Many of our school sponsored senior activities don’t get going until second semester – yard signs, scholarships, decision day, paint the town green, distinguished scholars, etc. – because your senior has a whole bunch of must do’s this fall:

  • It is time to start on college applications.   Many private colleges and CSU’s start accepting applications this time of year.  It is a good idea for your student to get some of these in now.
  • We encourage parents to let students seek support for applications and complete them themselves.  But, it is a great time for you, as parents, to help your child start thinking about what they want in a college or university.  Do they want to study a particular subject?  Do they want a large campus or small campus?  Do they want to play a sport?  Do they want to be in a city or smaller town?  Do they want to be close to home or far away?  Do they want to drive back and forth or fly?  Do they want a competitive environment or a more supportive environment?  Do they want to go somewhere where it snows, or is by the ocean, or is near extended family?  These are the fun questions that are perfect for a carefully timed parent conversation

2023-2024 Attendance Calendar
2023-2024 Student and Parent Handbook
2023-2024 Manuel Para Estudiantes y Padres
2023-2024 DHS Bell Schedule
2023-24 Final Board Approved Calendar.pdf
2023-2024 DHS Campus Map 
Questions or concerns:
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns. I proudly serve this community and can be reached by email or phone any time.

Stephanie Marquez
Proud Principal of Dixon High School
(707) 693-6330 ext.7113