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May 9, 2023

Dear Dixon High School Families,
IT IS MAY FAIR WEEK!!!  Cheer on the Dixon High School Band at the parade, check out our hardworking FFA students in the animal barns and student projects in the expo rooms. Have a wonderful fun-filled weekend.  This week we are wrapping up all of our assessments and preparing for so many exciting events beginning next week.
Here are some things to keep in mind to support your student and some events to get on those calendars:
Teacher Appreciation Week
This week is teacher appreciation week.  Take a moment to send a positive email to a teacher (or two) who has made a difference in your student’s life.  Our teachers work hard, every day, to meet the needs of our students and especially at this busy time of year. They are building really strong relationships with our kids.  A quick note of gratitude really makes a teacher’s day!
May Fair and Attendance
While it can be difficult to focus on school with a ferris wheel in our backyard, we are extremely lucky to be so close to such an important event in the lives of our students and families.  It is always a busy time and there are always questions about how attendance works.  Of course, we encourage you to call if you have questions but here are the basics:

  • If your student will be participating with our Ag/FFA department, their teachers will monitor their attendance and your student will be identified as if they are on a field trip with an “F” in attendance.  It takes time for the teachers to get attendance to the office so you may receive some automated phone calls until we get the lists and enter the codes.
  • If your student will be participating independently, we still value this time.  Students who show should attend school and then travel over when and as needed.  But, they need to check out (and back in) at the attendance desk.  Also, we need parents to call these absences in or send a note.  Students will be identified with a personal/unexcused absence (which is okay) with a “V” in attendance.
  • We work closely with the Mayfair regarding scheduling – particularly for showing animals.  We expect students to communicate clearly and go when they need to (for example, in the morning for weigh-ins) and then return to campus.  
  • Friday is a minimum day so students and families can visit the fair.  Please know…traffic is TERRIBLE this week.

Please Provide Input
Did you know that all of our goals and programs are defined in a document called the LCAP and those goals are determined by our community?  Your voice is important in the process of defining our goals for next year.  Please complete the LCAP survey here to let us know what services, supports, and programs you want for your student:  LCAP survey
Important Information for Senior Parents
Last week, I sent your senior an important email about graduation and some other responsibilities coming up.  As we near the end of the year, please encourage your student to read emails from me so they stay informed.  Here is the information I shared with the Class of 2023.  2023 Senior Informatio for Families.pdf
Visual and Performing Arts Events for our Community 

  • May 20, Saturday 7:00 pm: Alumni Jazz Band Concert
  • May 23, Tuesday 7:00 pm: DHS Choir Concert
  • May 25, Thursday 7:00 pm: End of Year Band Concert

Honoring the Class of 2023!

We have several events coming up to honor our graduating seniors.  I will be sending more detailed information to seniors and senior parents this week.

  • May 15, Monday, 6:30pm: Senior Awards Night on Monday
  • May 19, Friday: Class of 2023 Elementary Tour 
  • May 22, Monday, 6:30pm: Distinguished Scholars Night
  • June 2, Friday: Graduation Practice after last final
  • June 3, Saturday, 9:00am: Graduation on Saturday

Other Events and Important Dates

    • May 12: Minimum Day
    • May 16: ELD Reclassification Ceremony
    • May 17: AVID Senior Night
    • May 24: FFA Banquet
    • May 29: No School
    • May 31-June 2: Finals Schedule
  • June 3, 9:00 am Graduation Ceremony 

Site Information
Here are links to important documents you need:

As always, please let us know how we can help.  
Stephanie Marquez
Proud Principal of Dixon High School, (707) 693-6330 ext.7113