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Nov 29, 2022

Dear Dixon High School Families,
We hope you all had a wonderful week last week!  We are in the final stretches of our fall semester so please get your calendars out for our end of year commitments and activities. 

Final Exams are Coming Up…and So Are Final Grades
Final exams are an important part of high school academics.  Students are required to sit for exams and we do not offer early finals.  If your student is going to be absent for finals, please reach out to your student’s Assistant Principal about make up options.  
Bob Bugalski Students last name A-La:
Brian Welborn Students last name Le-Z:
Here is the schedule for finals:  Fall Finals Schedule.  Also, please remember that semester grades come out right after winter break and those grades go on your student’s official transcript.  

We Can Help
If your student’s grades are not where they should be, encourage them to seek support on campus (or call us and we will nudge them in the right direction.  Here are some supports we ALWAYS recommend:

  • Contact teachers directly.  They know your student best and are always willing to help. Teacher emails are located on our webpage: Staff Directory
  • Encourage your student to attend teacher office hours or other teacher resources.  These can be found in student planners.
  • Encourage your student to attend the Learning Center, every morning and afternoon, in the DHS library.  Learning Center hours
  • Encourage your student to study collaboratively with peers.  
  • Honor your student’s study time at home.  
  • Call your student’s counselor or assistant principal if you need assistance. 2022-2023 Who’s Who @DHS.pdf

Purchase the 2023 Dixon High Yearbook
Yearbooks can be purchased online throughout the school year.  Purchase the 2023 Dixon High Yearbook online throughout the school year!  Order one by credit card or eCheck at  (Order# 7317) or by mail-in-check by calling 1-866-287-3096. 
Senior parents!  Purchase a Senior Parent Message Ad to honor your graduating senior at  (Order# 7317).  
The deadline for purchasing a senior ad is December 31st. (Optional)

Homelink has a NEW LINK!
The link to Aeries Parent Portal has changed!!  It is now  Please update and bookmark this.  You can also find it under the Students and Families Page on the DUSD Website 

Message From Our DHS PTO
Good Morning,
If you would like to help celebrate the holidays with the teachers & staff, the PTO is collecting some holiday treats for the staff.
Below is the link to the signup for staff appreciation gift donations.

Thank you,
Heather Morales

Notes From Our Office

  • Requests for Short Term Independent Study (STIS).  Here is what you should know…
    • STIS is only an option for students missing 3-14 school days.
    • STIS must be pre-approved by an assistant principal at least 10 working days prior to the absence.  Student’s/families’ unofficial agreements with teachers or staff will not be recognized for attendance purposes. 
    • STIS is not an option for students with less than a 2.0 GPA or a student who has an incomplete STIS in the past.
    • STIS work must be turned in the day they are scheduled to return.  It will not be accepted late for any reason.
  • It is very important that students attend school every period, every day!   That said, we know your student may need to miss.  When they are out, please remember to communicate with us and bring in those doctor and dentist notes.   We are happy to work with you but if we don’t hear from you, we can’t excuse your student’s absence.  We know our phones are often busy so please feel free to leave a message or email Jennifer Parks directly at Voicemails are delivered to staff emails.
  • We want to help your students succeed at school!  Please reach out to our admin team or counseling team for support.  

For Seniors Only

  • As we’ve mentioned before, in accordance with California Legislative Policy, all seniors must complete a FAFSA to earn a diploma this year.  The FAFSA is an important document for ALL students as they move forward with college and career, including trade programs. And, good luck with those college apps!  We are so proud of you, Class of 2023!!!!!
  • Senior parents!  It is time to purchase senior ads for the yearbook if you choose to do so!  The deadline for ordering is December 31, 2022 and you can do so by visiting  (Order# 7317).  The ads are not required and cost $100.

College Advising on Wednesdays for All Students
Our counseling office is hosting College Wednesdays at lunch in the College and Career Center.  All students are welcome to stop in and get their college and career questions answered.  This is a great opportunity for our seniors to get help with finalizing applications, completing the FAFSA, making career decisions, etc.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for our younger students who are exploring post-secondary opportunities.  

We Have Answers
Do you have questions about school policies and procedures such as dress code, attendance, etc?  Please take time to read through the DHS Student & Parent Handbook!  Many answers can be found here!

Upcoming Calendar Events – Get out those calendars!  🙂
December 7:  PSA Holiday Celebration
December 13:  Winter Band Concert
December 12-16:  Finals Schedule
December 19 – January 6: Winter Break, Office Closed
January 16: No School
January 19: ASVAB Testing

Site Information
Here are links to important documents you need:

As always, please let us know how we can help.  

Stephanie Marquez
Proud Principal of Dixon High School, (707) 693-6330 ext.7113