Student Services - Alt Ed

Mission Statement

All schools in our district make every effort to address the educational needs of each student. When student needs cannot be met in a traditional setting, alternative programs offer educational options that support successful learning and transition plans.

Dixon Unified School District’s Alternative Education programs are dedicated to providing rigorous, challenging learning opportunities that support student success in meeting or exceeding state and district standards and attaining their personal goals. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition through a variety of programs:



Maine Prairie is the district’s continuation high school. Serving students ages 16 and older, the school offers a full range of high school courses required for graduation. Students can graduate from Maine Prairie or transition to the district’s traditional high school upon reaching timely graduation status. A flexible schedule and opportunity for accelerated learning support students who seek an alternative for a variety of reasons.



Dixon Community Day School (DCDS) is established to provide a structured educational setting for students who require placement apart from the general population of secondary students, grades 7-12. The goal of Dixon Community Day School is to provide the support necessary to help students achieve their attendance, academic and behavioral goals to transfer successfully to their next placements.

A student may be assigned to a community day school only if he or she meets one or more of the following conditions: The pupil is expelled for any reason; The pupil is referred by a Probation Officer; The pupil is referred by a School Attendance Review Board (SARB) or other district level referral process.

The Dixon Community Day Schoolis a non-voluntary transitional program. Students entering the Day School have an expected goal of transitioning to a voluntary placement. Each student will develop a plan for departure upon enrollment. The main components of successful transition are: ATTENDANCE, BEHAVIOR, and ACADEMIC PROGRESS.

Academic Progress is supported in grades 9-12 through Odysseyware, a distance learning program accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Core courses are aligned to the California State standards. Physical Education, mathematics and some electives will be teacher directed. Grades 7-8 will use the texts assigned from C.A.Jacobs Middle School for core course instruction; all courses will be teacher directed.



Students who are incapacitated by illness receive Home/Hospital instruction up to five hours per week by a credentialed teacher. This service is provided upon verification from a pupil’s physician.