I have a problem – Who do I contact?

Contact your student’s special education teacher, site principal, or assistant principal. If you are not able to work out the issue, the district’s Director of Special Education will be able to assist you.

You are also welcome to contact our Department Program Manager, Kelly Chavez, at: 707-693-6300 Ext. 8011 to schedule an appointment with our director.


What is a Student Study Team (SST)?

Q: My child is struggling in reading. I am concerned that my child is not up to standard. I have been asked to attend a Student Support Team Meeting. What is this meeting and what will happen during the meeting to assist my child?

A: A referral to a Student Support Team brings together the parent(s), teacher, administrator/counselor, and other professionals at school, to look at the student as a unique individual. The Student Support Team may address learning needs, social concerns, health issues, or other factors that affect the student’s success at school. The meeting will address the student’s strengths, known information, concern areas, identify appropriate actions that the school or family will take, outline needed accommodations/modifications, and who is responsible for each of these items. A follow-up Student Support Team Meeting will be scheduled to address student’s progress and need for further supports.


How do I refer a school-age child?

Q: My child is not doing well in school. How do I refer for special education?

A: You, or the teacher, may refer your child to the school’s Student Support Team, to consider the request for an assessment for special education eligibility. Part of the responsibility of the SST (Student Support Team) is to document the modifications and interventions that have been attempted in the general education setting, and to suggest other steps that may be taken to meet the student’s needs in the regular education program. The SST (composed of teacher, principal, counselor or other staff who has an interest in the child) will consider your request, and, if applicable, develop an assessment plan for parent approval, or to respond if the request is not appropriate.

In our District, we schedule an SST meeting to consider the request in order to meet the legal requirement that general education supports be utilized as appropriate, before special education is considered.


How is eligibility for special education determined?

The school IEP (Individual Education Program) team makes this determination, based on assessment information. The IEP team determined is the student has one of the fourteen disabilities specified by federal and state law, and requires special education services and support. The IEP team weighs the question: Can this student’s needs be addressed through regular education or are specialized support and services required? To answer this question, the team draws on information provided by the parents, school history, specific assessments and the student’s response to regular education supports. If the IEP team finds that the student is eligible, the team specifies goals, services, instructional modifications and accommodations in the IEP document.


Who do I contact regarding transportation?

Is a student requires specialized transportation due to his/her disability, it should be documented on the student’s IEP and a Transportation Request and Information Form will be completed by the IEP team. The teacher or Program Specialist will notify the district office if transportation is required; “related service” as decided upon by the IEP team. Please note that not all students receiving specialized transportation are transported curb-to-curb. Once a transportation request has been sent to the transportation department, the transportation department will call the parent with the bus stop location, pick-up time, and drop-off time. Please allow up to 5 days for new transportation requests.

Each year, prior to the start of school, it is the parent’s responsibility to fill out a new transportation form for any special needs a student may have.


We’re moving to DUSD – Who should we contact?

Q: My child has a current Individual Education Plan (IEP). We are moving to Dixon Unified School District. Who should we contact?

A: If you child has an active IEP, please contact the Special Education Department at 707-693-6300 Ext. 8011. If parents have copies of the current IEP, and any recent assessments, these can be faxed to the district office at 707-678-8810. If your child’s IEP contains services not offered at the student’s home school, you will be directed to register your child at the closest school offering the required services.


What is the process for elementary students moving to middle school?

Q: My student is a 6th grade student going to middle school next year. What will happen? Will my student still get the same IEP services?

A: In the spring, prior to your student moving to middle school, an Individual Educational Program meeting will be arranged by your student’s case carrier to address transition. During this meeting, student’s current level of performance and goals and objectives will be reviewed to identify appropriate services for when your student goes to middle school. A representative from middle school will be in attendance to assist the Individual Education Program Team and to answer questions.


What is Extended School Year?

Q: Does Dixon Unified School District offer extended school year for students with active IEPs (Individual Education Plans)?

A: Dixon Unified offers extended school year if the IEP team determines that, due to the student’s disability and needs, regression in performance which will occur which require substantial time to recover the next school year. This is an IEP team decision, based on individual needs of each student.

Extended school year services are offered during the 19-day summer school session.