Educational Services

Curriculum and Instruction
“….. to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.”





Denise  Diaz
Compliance Specialist-Data Facilitator

707-693-6300  Ext:8021

Susie  Altieri
English Learner Compliance Specialist

707- 693-6300  Ext:8022 

Jake Ritschel 
DO/Teacher on Special Assignment

707-693-6300  Ext:8028

María Luquin
SCG Coordinator Ed Services

707-693-6300  Ext:8027

Telly  Gutierrez
Administrative Assistant

707-693-6300  Ext:8025

Mr. Nick  Girimonte
Asst. Supt. Of Ed Services

707-693-6300 Ext 8029



Parent Liaisons

Dixon High School

Yolanda Gonzalez 
Email Yolanda Gonzalez
(707) 693-6330 ext. 7126


Maine Prairie High School

Susana Perez
Email Susana Perez
(707) 693-6340 ext. 7510

CA Jacobs Intermediate School

Margarita Rios
Email Margarita Rios
(707) 693-6350 ext. 5519


Anderson Elementary

Olga Palomino
Email Olga Palomino
(707) 693-6360 ext. 6611

Gretchen Higgins Elementary

Gaby Salazar

Email Gaby Salazar

(707) 693-6380 ext.4411

Tremeont Elementary

Gaby Lupercio

Email Gaby Lupercio

(707) 693-6320 ext.3350