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RAMpage – March 8, 2022

Mar 8, 2022

Dear Dixon High School Families,

I hope this RAMpage finds you well. This week, I find myself thinking about gratitude – for our community, these awesome kids, my coworkers, spring, and a fresh start. Please read through the important information below and I really recommend you get your calendars out and go through some of these things with your students.

Tuesday Talks Tonight

Please join me tonight for any questions about the information below. We will meet at 7:00 pm via zoom at this link:

Meeting ID: 712 9633 5594

Passcode: e2wGZA


We are all shocked and saddened by what is happening in Ukraine and our students are definitely expressing confusion, concern, fear and trauma regarding the situation. Our staff got together and found some resources that are student appropriate to share with you. Our Social Science teachers are a wonderful resource as well.

Your kids are hearing about Ukraine. Here’s how to help them understand.

This is an article aimed at parents, but I think it’s helpful for teachers as well. It specifically addresses how teens and tweens are hearing about Ukraine on social media and how adults can help them understand what is happening while avoiding sensationalism and misinformation.

Students are on TikTok Talking About Ukraine—How Teachers Can Answer Their Questions

Students are on TikTok Talking About Ukraine—How Teachers Can Answer Their Questions

This piece talks about the kinds of information our students are getting about Ukraine and how teachers can reassure and educate students. It’s written especially for teachers who are unsure about how to talk about the situation.

The Ukraine Crisis Lesson Plans from the Choice Program (Brown University):

The Ukraine Crisis

This lesson has three parts, all designed to help students understand the background of the Ukraine Crisis and what is currently happening there.

8 Resources Teachers Are Using to Discuss Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine:

This is a list of different resources that can help students learn about the crisis in Ukraine, including lessons on background history, current events, and media literacy.

Scheduling for Next Year

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your kids in planning for fall! They have really modeled engagement and seeking support in the process. We have closed the window for students to submit course requests electronically but we have additional hard copies of all information (and new forms) in the counseling office. If your student did not complete their course request, they must stop by the counseling office ASAP.

Prom is Coming

Our Leadership Class is planning prom and we are SO READY for a fancy dance for all students at Dixon High School! They are finalizing venue plans but SAVE THE DATE for the weekend of April 29. Boy, did we miss these events.

Student Accomplishments

Our FFA students have been traveling about, supported by our awesome Ag Staff, winning competitions and getting back to the things they love to do. We are so proud of their hard work, talent, and patience with this pesky pandemic and it is so nice to begin the process of rebuilding our program.

AP Test Registration

If your student is in an AP Course, the last test registration date is this Friday at lunch. Students were given forms from their AP teachers last week. I am proud of Dixon Unified School District in that we are able to support students financially so all interested students can get some relief on the costs of these important exams. The College Board charges $98 per exam but we charge $50/exam for students and $5/exam for students who would receive free and reduced lunch with district support.

Senior Check-In

Your seniors received an email on March 3 with information about community scholarships. Please check in with them and make sure they understand the process and get their applications in. We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring our awesome students and our generous community together. As I mentioned earlier, please encourage your seniors to keep checking their email frequently.

Important Dates

March 23: Community Scholarship Applications Due

April 4- April 8: Spring Break

April 18 – April 22: State Testing

April 29 – Junior Prom

May 2 – May 13: AP Testing

May 16: Community Scholarship Awards Night

May 18: AVID Night

May 23: Distinguished Scholars Night

May 24: End of Year Band Concert

May 25: FFA Night

June 4: Graduation Ceremony Class of 2022

Mask Update

As you may be aware, our Governing Board has approved a change in the district mask policy. Beginning next Monday, March 14th, masks will be optional indoors (although they are still strongly recommended by CDC). We recently announced that students did not need to wear masks outdoors and they handled this beautifully. I am confident our students will also handle this gracefully and respectfully. I am so excited to finally share a sense of moving OUT of a pandemic.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Stephanie Marquez

Proud Principal of Dixon High School, (707) 693-6330 ext.7113