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RAMpage – March 15, 2022

Mar 15, 2022

Dear Dixon High School Families,

This week, I find myself thinking about celebration, love, and happiness.  Yesterday, we moved forward as the mask mandates lifted and all of our students modeled grace and empathy.  It sure is nice to talk with kids face to face and see their beautiful smiles and emotions… especially as we also transition to activities and opportunities for students to celebrate just being teens this spring.  Please take a look at some of the highlights and information below.

Tuesday Talks Update

Our next Tuesday Talk will be next week, March 22 at 7:00 pm.  While I always welcome your questions via email or phone, you can also come to Tuesday Talks to meet in person.  Next week, we will have our first in-person meeting in the theater.  🙂

LCAP Survey

Please take the district’s LCAP survey!  As high school parents, you are the experts in what our district should and should not be doing.  I value your voice!!  LCAP Survey 


We are all shocked and saddened by what is happening in Ukraine and our students are definitely expressing confusion, concern, fear and trauma regarding the situation.  Our staff got together and found some resources that are student appropriate to share with you.  Our Social Science teachers are a wonderful resource as well.

  • Your kids are hearing about Ukraine. Here’s how to help them understand.​​​​​​​
This is an article aimed at parents, but I think it’s helpful for teachers as well. It specifically addresses how teens and tweens are hearing about Ukraine on social media and how adults can help them understand what is happening while avoiding sensationalism and misinformation.
  • Students are on TikTok Talking About Ukraine—How Teachers Can Answer Their Questions
This piece talks about the kinds of information our students are getting about Ukraine and how teachers can reassure and educate students. It’s written especially for teachers who are unsure about how to talk about the situation.
  • The Ukraine Crisis Lesson Plans from the Choice Program (Brown University):
This lesson has three parts, all designed to help students understand the background of the Ukraine Crisis and what is currently happening there.
  • 8 Resources Teachers Are Using to Discuss Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine:
This is a list of different resources that can help students learn about the crisis in Ukraine, including lessons on background history, current events, and media literacy.

Scheduling for Next Year

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your kids in planning for fall!  They have really modeled engagement and seeking support in the process.  We have closed the window for students to submit course requests electronically but we have additional hard copies of all information (and new forms) in the counseling office.  If your student did not complete their course request, they must stop by the counseling office ASAP.

Prom is Coming

Our Leadership Class is planning prom and we are SO READY for a fancy dance for all students at Dixon High School!  They are finalizing venue plans but SAVE THE DATE for Friday, April 29.  Boy, did we miss these events.  Tickets will be going on sale soon so make sure your student pays attention to the announcements.

Instructional Shifts and Make Up Work

As things open up, so does our instruction!  Our teachers are excited to shift to instructional models that provide more opportunities for creativity and collaboration in their classrooms.  While teachers are well-versed in Google Classroom, you can probably expect other types of work.  What does this mean for you and your student?  It means we need to make sure students are using their planners and that they get ALL makeup work from their teachers if they miss.  We will no longer be dependent on just google classroom for make up work.

Student Progress Update and Communication with Staff

Our 6 week grade reports were mailed home on Thursday, March 3. If you have concerns about your child’s progress or have questions about classes, we encourage you to contact your student’s teacher directly.  All of our teachers know to return your call within 48 hours.

Senior Check-In

Your seniors received an email on March 3 with information about community scholarships.  Please check in with them and make sure they understand the process and get their applications in.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring our awesome students and our generous community together.  As I mentioned earlier, please encourage your seniors to keep checking their email frequently.

Student Representative for Dixon Parks and Recreation Commission

The City of Dixon is currently accepting applications for one (1) vacancy for a Student Representative and one (1) vacancy for an Alternate Student Representative on the Parks and Recreation Commission. The Commission is an advisory body to the City Council on matters pertaining to recreation programs and parks facilities. For more information, click here. Interested students may obtain an application by contacting Stephanie Marquez

Important Dates

  • March 23:  Community Scholarship Applications Due
  • April 4- April 8:  Spring Break
  • April 18-22:  State Testing
  • April 29:  Junior Prom
  • May 2-13: AP Testing
  • May 16:  Community Scholarship Awards Night
  • May 18:  AVID Night
  • May 23:  Distinguished Scholars Night
  • May 24:  End of Year Band Concert
  • May 25:  FFA Night
  • June 4: Graduation Ceremony Class of 2022

COVID Update

As you may be aware, our Governing Board has approved a change in the district mask policy. As of yesterday, masks are optional indoors (although they are still strongly recommended by CDC). As always, our students are handling  this gracefully and respectfully. I am so excited to finally share a sense of moving OUT of a pandemic. That said, we are still in a pandemic and we need to make sure we do our best to prevent an outbreak.  Please take a look at the most recent guidance for schools here:  March COVID Guidance

The best thing we can do right now is to keep a very close watch on any symptoms.  If your student has any symptoms that could be COVID related, please keep them home and call our office at 707-693-6330, ext. 7102.  Our staff will gladly help you navigate next steps.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Stephanie Marquez
Proud Principal of Dixon High School
(707) 693-6330 ext.7113