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Document Uploads

Folder Architectural services RFQ (1 Files)
pdf file RFQ_ArchitecturalSvs_Fn.pdf
Folder Bond Citizen's Oversight Committee Meetings (16 Files)
Sub Folder 6.28.2017 (2 Files)
pdf file Agenda
pdf file Backup
Sub Folder 7.12.2017 (1 Files)
pdf file 7.12.2017 Agenda
Sub Folder 9.13.2017 (13 Files)
pdf file LPA_Assessment_Contract_Part_1_of_2.pdf
pdf file LPA_Assessment_Contract_Part_2_of_2.pdf
pdf file LPA_Old_DHS_Modernization_Contract.pdf
pdf file LPA_Old_DHS_ReRoof_Scope_Ammendment.pdf
pdf file 7-12-17_COC_Presentation.pdf
pdf file Unadopted_minutes_7.12.2017.pdf
pdf file COC_Agenda_Item_2B.pdf
xls file Bond_Expense_Report_9-6-17.xlsx
pdf file RFQ_ArchitecturalSvs_Fn.pdf
pdf file AGENDA
pdf file District Proposed Bylaws
pdf file Proposed Bylaws
pdf file Bond_Program_Mgmt_Contract_Cooperative_Strategies.pdf
Folder Feasibility Assessment (3 Files)
pdf file Dixon Feasibility Analysis Cover Index
pdf file Dixon Feasibility Assessment
pdf file Old Dixon High School Renovations
Folder Official Documents from Solano County Registrar of Voters – Measure Q (7 Files)
pdf file Measure Q - Argument Against
pdf file Measure Q - Argument in Favor
pdf file Measure Q - Full Text
pdf file Measure Q - Impartial Analysis
pdf file Measure Q - Question
pdf file Measure Q - Rebuttal to Argument Against
pdf file Measure Q - Tax Rate Statement
Folder Oversight Committee Application (1 Files)
pdf file Oversight Committee Application
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