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Folder RFP_Inspection Services_DMS Project 10/5/2018 Close Date (3 Files)
pdf file Exhibit B_DSA_103-16_DRAFT.pdf
pdf file Dixon USD_RFP for Construction Inspection Services (IOR) - DMS Project.pdf
pdf file Exhibit A_RFP for Special Inspection_ Testing Services Agreement_DMS Project.pdf
Folder CEQA_Dixon Middle School Project (2 Files)
pdf file Professional. Services Agreement_CEQA Consultant
pdf file RFP_CEQA
Folder Dixon USD_LLB RFP_Prior to DSA Approval with Price as Fee_Dixon Middle School Project (1 Files)
pdf file Dixon_USD_LLB_RFP_Prior_to_DSA_Approval_with_Price_as_Fee_Dixon_Middle_School_Project_(Final).pdf
Folder RFP_DSA Inspector (11 Files)
pdf file Attachment C_Special Inspection_ Testing Services Agreement_ K12_ January 2015.pdf
pdf file IOR Roofing Project RFP.pdf
Sub Folder Attachment A (8 Files)
pdf file File- 02- G0.2.pdf
pdf file File- 03- G0.3.pdf
pdf file File- 04- AA2.5.pdf
pdf file File- 05- A2.5.pdf
pdf file File- 06- A8.10.pdf
pdf file File- 07- A8.11.pdf
pdf file Transmittal - 00003.pdf
pdf file File- 01- CVR.pdf
Sub Folder Attachment B (1 Files)
pdf file Project Manual.pdf
Folder RFQ for Energy Conservation Programs Meeting Prop 39 Guidelines (1 Files)
pdf file RFQ
Folder RFQ_Construction Manager_DMS Project 9/28/2018 Close Date (2 Files)
pdf file Dixon USD_RFQ for Construction Management Services.pdf
pdf file Exhibit A_Dixon USD_RFQ for CM_ Master Agreement.pdf